Green LED Solutions is Awarded Contract to help Pittsburgh Test LED Street Lights



Pittsburgh, Pa. announced today that it has selected Green LED Solutions LLC as one of the vendors that is being allowed to participate in its LED Streetlight Project. The plan calls for Green LED Solutions to install a series of its Green LED Solutions Energy Saving Street Lights onto Pittsburgh Roadway.


The plan calls for the LED Street Lights to be monitored from June of 2009 through February of 2010. Upon completion of the test, Pittsburgh city officials are hoping to then retrofit its entire network of 40,000 street lights with Energy Saving LED Streetlights.


A company official indicated that “We have been working with Pittsburgh City Councilman William Peduto’s office for months…and we are delighted to have been selected”. He went on to say that the “Green LED Energy Saving Street Lights will replace old fashioned high pressure sodium street lights along Jane Street near South 21st and South 22nd and will save the city of Pittsburgh approximately fifty percent of its lighting expense on each of the retrofits.


Every Street Light that is converted to a Green LED Solutions’ Energy Saving LED Street Light reduces oil consumption by one barrel of oil per month. Pittsburgh is excited about reducing oil consumption by almost five million barrels over the next ten years.


The company Spokesman went on to say that “ These conversions are being made possible largely as a result of President Obama’s Energy Saving Stimulus Package…and this is just the tip of the iceberg…Green LED Solutions is converting office buildings, shopping centers, County Parks…every day we get phone calls from business owners and city officials that want us to help them save money and energy…we like to think that we can reduce our energy consumption by over ten million barrels of oil over the next five years…after that, who knows?”


It should also be noted that each pole that is converted to a Green LED Solutions Energy Saving Street Light saves or creates one job. The company spokesman said that “Green LED Solutions will continue to hire new people throughout the next year or so…in order to keep up with customer demands”.