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Green LED Solutions is located in South Fl.

Our address is:

1909 Tigertail Blvd.

Dania Beach Fl. 33004

We can be reached by:


Phone: 954-922-5740 Fax: 954-922-5742



Company History

In 1995, Dror Svorai had already become a very successful business owner in the garment industry as well as the air ambulance industry. Indulgence in his hobby of boating and yachting exposed him to the LED industry. He was re-outfitting his yacht and realized that LED lighting was the way to go.

 His entrepreneurial spirit took over and he opened a small company to import the very best LED light bulbs and began selling other yacht and jet owners’ specialty LED lights for their “toys”. This business quickly prospered and grew into a reliable source for LED specialty lighting with a customer base that spanned the globe from Miami to Europe.

 In 2003, as the need for energy efficiency became paramount in the minds of Europeans, Dror expanded his product line to include state of the art LED Solutions for applications that range from Energy Efficient Street Lights to a practical LED replacement for fluorescent and incandescent home and office lighting.

 Today, as Americans are becoming more and more aware of the need for energy efficient lighting, Dror’s ‘little company’ has evolved into a multinational enterprise with offices and employees on three continents. Green LED Solutions now stands ready to fill the needs of energy efficient minded business people and government officials throughout the United States.


It is our primary aim at GLS to show our clients how to save energy and money by utilizing safe, efficient, solid state lighting. This provides cost effective alternatives to current commercial use of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. In the next decade, everyone ( including large and small businesses to towns, cities and homeowners) will be called upon to replace their current methods of lighting with more energy efficient and less toxic products.
At GLS, we offer the best possible selection of high quality, long lasting LED lighting products.
Our focus is on LED bulbs which can directly replace existing incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs. In this way we hope to encourage widespread use of LEDs to save energy, money and promote a Green Enviroment. Our R&D and quality control departments can supply you with custom designs from concept to installation, and offer OEM services that provide better lighting and display solutions.

Our services and products include a full line of :

LED Solar and non-Solar Street lamps
• LED Direct replacement Incandescent bulbs
• LED Direct replacement Flourescent bulbs
• LED New Construction bulbs and Fixtures
• LED Exterior and Interior Signage
• LED Channel lettering
• LED Light Strips of every type and color range
• LED Wall Washers
• LED Projector Lamps
• LED Recessed Down Lights





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