Green LED Solutions Acquired by Green LED Technology which also purchased High Score Corporation



After months of negotiating, Green LED Technology finished its takeover of Green LED Solutions this week. As a result of the merger, all of the Units of Green LED Solutions, LLC have been absorbed by Green LED Technology. The move also transfers all rights to all  current and upcoming  Green LED Solution’s contracts and pending bids to Green LED Technology Inc.


The takeover came just days after Green LED Technology successfully merged with High Score Corporation (HSCO). The merger has made Green LED Technology a publicly traded corporation. In the merger, Dror Svorai, President and CEO of Green LED Technology Inc. has been installed as President and CEO of High Score.


Svorai commented that “…the mergers give Green LED Technology Inc. standing as a public corporation which will help in the closing of some key contracts that are on the table…with some very major players…”


When asked if the company would change its symbol from HSCO to something that sounds a little greener, Svorai replied that “I am leaving that to the lawyers. I have my hands full overseeing the engineering of our American Made Line of LED Street Lights and getting prepared to fulfill some hefty commercial and government contracts that we are now prepared to close”.